Robert T. Horst, Esquire, presented "Red Flags Mean Go: The So-Called Bad Faith Set-Up Must Not Prevent a Fraud Investigation"

Jon W. Adams presented "Utilizing Drones for Incident Analysis: Photographs, Video & the Creation of Accurate 3D Models"

Dr. Dan Bowerman presented “Chiropractic Issue: Past, Present & Future.”

Matthew Smith, Esquire, presented "Where's Waldo & What's He Up To? Tracking Fraudsters in the Digital Age.”

Anthony Natale III, Esquire, and Ashley Talley, Esquire, presented “The Interplay Between Traumatic Brain Injuries and Fraud in Workers' Compensation.” 

Michael B. Gerstein, Esquire, and Ashley R. Lynam, Esquire, presented “Ambulance Chasers and Doctor Debasers: The Run-Down on the Use of Runners.”

James H. Cole, Esquire, and Jennie Philip, Esquire presented “The Real Housewives of Fraud.”

Kenneth E. Smith presented “Introduction to Statement Analysis.”

Trooper Robert Dodge, Corporal Greg Agosti, Detective Patrick Gleason and Special Agent Matthew Regentin presented “Arson for Profit - Law Enforcement Panel.” 

Scott D. Storm, Esquire, presented “Middle Child Syndrome - Overlooked Coverage Defenses in Fraud Investigations.”

Victor T. Ehre, Jr. M.I. presented “Fraud: The Quandary Which Engulfs Us.”

Tim Lynch, Detective Keith Cecotti; Detective Robert DiFrancesco; Detective Jack Logan; and NICB Special Agent John McCall – presented “Towing Issues in Pennsylvania - A Town Hall Discussion.”

Joe Stephenson, CIFI, CSMIE, presented “Social Media: A Better Way to Find What You've Been Missing.”

Richard DiBella, Esquire, and Greg Agosti, CFI, jointly presented “Personal Safety During Fraud Investigations.”

Kevin Rawlins presented “Visualized ClaimSearch Best Practices & The Value of Optional Data.”

Ronald J. Fijalkowski, Ph.D., presented “Biomedical Analyses of Injury Causation.”